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Dance & Movement 

Movement training that Educates, Entertains, and Engages those who are passionate about Dance!


IKIGAI USA is a top-rated partner on ClassPass!

Dance for those who have been told “You Can’t”

10 Rules of IKIGAI

The ten rules of Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles that include: "Stay active. Don't retire; Take it slow; Get in shape; Live in the moment; Reconnect with nature; Smile; Surround yourself with good friends; Give thanks; and Follow your Ikigai".

4 Elements of IKIGAI

This diagram shows ikigai as the convergence of four areas of life:


what you love,

what you're good at,

what the world needs,

and what you can be paid for.

Benefits of Dance + Ikigai
  • Less depression

  • Less Stress

  • No Anxiety

  • Healthy happier life and body 

  • More connection to yourself and other

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